We make it a promise and our primary goal to bring unity between beauty and self-actualization to inspire women all over the world.


Welcome All!

I am Brittani Nicole, the owner and founder of Brittani Nicole Beauty and I'm excited to share a portion of my story :

The vision for this Beauty line was birthed through experiences I had with customers while working in the cosmetic industry. I worked with people of all walks of life, who had been through many trials that confided in me as a consultant and a friend. It wasn't about the skincare or makeup, some individuals really wanted someone to talk to and make them feel beautiful. Being a woman of Faith, I would offer words of encouragement and made sure they left with something they didn't have to purchase : INSPIRATION. It burdened me and I saw a need to create a brand that INSPIRED others to buy. I want my customers to feel the love through my brand. I want them to purchase not only because the products are great, but because they were encouraged and uplifted.

Now I want to hear your story.

Thank you for taking the time to read my mine. I hope you can sense my level of commitment to my craft, family, and God. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas for inspiration for your own dreams!


"The products are soooooooooo nice!!! My makeup looks amazing! Thanks Brittani! ."

Kamrie J.

"Very simple ordering process ! Got the brushes and fell in love ! There is a brush size for everything from eyeliner to contouring and they are a really nice texture. Will definitely order again."

Kaniyah A.

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